New irrigation device gives you more control.

animated graphic demonstrating how DRI works
DRI is inserted below the plant's root zone from where it percolates water back up to the roots.


“I’ve been able to dial in the irrigation cycles so that the water is completely underground. It’s a substantial savings in water & energy…about 60% from my normal drip. Also, the weed problem has been almost eliminated.”

John Kiely
Vineyard Engineer
Maness Vineyards Estate
Jamul, California, USA


“We’ve given farmers a tool to help them grow and prosper. As the world’s population continues to grow, farmers can now meet that demand. Robust health of the farming industry assures the health and well being for world populations in the future.”

Jeff Ciudaj
DRI Inventor
Deep Root Irrigation, LLC

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  • Control water use.

    Use 61% less irrigation water versus surface drip by controlling where the water goes. Deep Root Irrigation (DRI) delivers water directly to the root, avoiding the runoff and evaporation associated with surface watering.

  • Control energy costs.

    When you cut irrigation water use, you also spend less on energy to pump water to your plants. The USDA’s 2013 Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey found energy to be the #1 irrigation cost, comprising an average of 38% of the total.

  • Control fertilizer dispersion.

    Deep Root Irrigation directs liquid fertilizer to the root zone, minimizing loss to runoff and displacement. You have more control over the amount of fertilizer that is actually delivered to your plants.

  • Control fungus, weeds, and pests.

    When you eliminate surface watering, you reduce accumulation of moisture that stimulates growth of fungus and weeds. Which means you also reduce food and water sources that attract pests.

  • Control resistance to drought and disease.

    DRI promotes downward root growth, reducing likelihood of J-root or shallow root development that drip systems can encourage.

  • Control mineral build-up on emitters.

    With drip irrigation systems, warm air flow around the emitters causes evaporation, which can result in clogging from calcification buildup. The DRI device seals, contains, and directs water to the root zone without air interference.

  • Control installation costs.
    • Priced at a small fraction of the cost of drip irrigation systems.
    • Can be installed quickly and easily.

      Takes only 30–60 seconds to install each DRI unit (see demonstration video).

    • Connects to most existing emitters.

      You don’t have to replace any parts, just add the Deep Root Irrigation device.

  • Control sustainable farming practices.

    Use less water, energy, fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides. Avoid water pollution from surface fertilizer runoff. And grow healthier plants.

  • Control your bottom line.

    With Deep Root Irrigation’s low cost and high savings in water, energy, and maintenance, it pays for itself. More importantly, in areas where drought conditions have caused many farmers to fallow parts of their land, Deep Root Irrigation might help to preserve your revenue sources.

See more details about Deep Root Irrigation devices, then call or email us to schedule a test of the water savings for your property before committing to a full installation.