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I am a Grower

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What is Deep Root Irrigation?

Deep Root Irrigation systems are designed to help you take control of your watering. The patented watering technology allows you to efficiently and effectively water your plants without having to change your irrigation system.

Benefits of DRI

Control Water Use

Save in excess of 50% irrigation water by going right to the root zone. Stop runoff and evaporation. Irrigate more land.

Control energy costs

Reducing water usage cuts energy pumping costs.

Control fertilizer dispersion

DRI delivers liquid fertilizer to the root zone minimizing loss to runoff and displacement. Experience more control over fertilizer delivery!

Controls fungus and weed and pest abatement

Eliminating surface water reduces weeds, pests and fungus. DRI helps control runoff and cost.

Control resistance to drought and disease

DRI builds a bulb of subsurface saturation that limits evaporation and promotes health downward root growth. Underground “banking” of water reduces water usage and allows for “topping off” which reduces irrigation cycles.

Control mineral buildup on your emitters

DRI saves money on emitter maintenance by eliminating air in the system which causes mineral buildup on emitters.

Control installation costs

Saving water, energy and controlling fertilizer helps reduce farming costs. DRI pays for itself with money you are already spending! The NRCS also provides government funding for DRI products.

Control sustainable farming practices

DRI uses less water, energy, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and helps to avoid water pollution from surface fertilizer runoff. Go organic with DRI.

Control your bottom line

With DRI’s low cost and high savings in water, energy and maintenance, the DRI system pays for itself.

“I have been using DRI for the last three years and it has kept up with the same growth as micro sprinklers, drip lines and flood irrigation – but has only used about 10% as much water. I farm in a dry desert, eliminating evaporation through a hot summer is a remarkable feat.”

-Rick Benson, Benson Family Farms

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DRI Products Manufactured in Angwin Ca.

U.S. Patent No. 8,381,437 and Other Patents Pending