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Deep Root Irrigation (DRI) is a simple affordable DEVICE THAT TARGET DELIVERS WATER AND LIQUID FERTILIZER DIRECTLY TO THE ROOT ZONE…PROVEN to save in excess of 50% of your water!

Your first line of defense against water restricting regulations! The device attaches to existing drip systems using pressure compensating emitters and delivers water directly and efficiently to the root zone. DRI can be installed in less than a minute and promotes sustainable farming practices. It controls mineral buildup on emitters, increases resistance to drought and disease while saving 50% or more on water and other energy related costs.

Benefits of DRI

DRI puts control back in your hands.

Control Water Use

There are 2  reasons DRI will ALWAYS outperform surface irrigation in water use…

  1. DRI  target delivers water directly to the root zone.
  2. When water is delivered underground at 360 degrees as it is  from a DRI unit it creates A DRAMATICALLY MORE STABLE WATER MASS WITH GREATER LONGEVITY unlike that of surface water… which, in its delivery is disrupted by evaporative forces and the challenge of penetrating the ground.

Please note animated Sentek report below using Irrimax images showing DRI outperforming surface drip.

Control Fertilizer Use

When  Growers using DRI cut their water use by 50% or more they also cut their liquid fertilizer use by as much. Comparative leaf analyses in lab reports are consistently showing no significant differences in nutrient levels between trees/vines on DRI using half the water añd fertilizer compared to those trees/vines on surface irrigation.

Potassium and Phosphate are critical to the quantity and quality of yield on a  tree/vine but these nutrients don’t move easily and tend to get hung up on the surface of the ground. DRI will target deliver these important nutrients directly to the root zone.

Please note below the photos of Cabernet vines that produced mature clusters after only 2 years.

Control Energy Use

When Growers use 50 % less water they concurrently use 50% less the energy it takes to pump that water.

Controls Fungus Weeds and Pests

By removing surface water DRI users mitigate fungus,  eliminate weed growth, remove a significant food and water source that attracts pests.

Control Water PH

With DRI you can eliminate the need for topical gypsum and sulphuruc acid. Your gyp or sulphuric acid can be delivered in liquid form in your water through your DRI directly to the root zone

Control Over Drought Resistance and Disease

DRI promotes downward root growth.creating a more drought and disease resistant tree/ vine.

Control Over Environmental Concerns

DRI is a real  solution to sustainability and environmental concerns beginning with water and energy  use and including a huge reduction in nitrogen delivery, and an elimination of glyphosate and other weed killers.

Please note SIGMA mandates.

Control Over Emitter Clogging

Because DRI is a closed system the emitters are no longer subject to calcification clogging that results in the loss of trees and vines.

Control Over Costs

Each of the following listed items represents a cost to the business of Growing. DRI USERS WILL ELIMINATE OR DRAMATICALLY REDUCE THE FOLLOWING COSTS

  1. Water
  2. Fertilizer
  3. Energy
  4. Loss of trees/vines to drought, disease or clogged emitters.
  5. Weed abatement
  6. Pest abatement
  7. Fungus abatement
  8. Environmental and  bureaucratic costs.

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U.S. Patent No. 8,381,437 and Other Patents Pending