At Deep Root Distribution, we’re excited to be part of an ever-growing movement in agricultural sustainability. To us, sustainability isn’t a buzzword or a fleeting trend. It’s a new means of human existence whereby the choices we make and technologies we use ensure a safe and abundant future for our children and grandchildren. Our irrigation technology does just that.

Eliminating Water and Energy Waste
By eliminating evaporation waste, every drop of water is put to use to help grow thriving crops, and water use is reduced by 50-60% without limiting plant health. And every gallon our growers save is a gallon less they need to pay for electricity to pump. Deep Root technology substantially reduces farms’ energy consumption.

Moving Toward a Chemical-Free Future
By feeding directly to the plant’s root zone, we help to dramatically reduce fertilizer use. And by eliminating surface moisture, we’ve eliminated conditions in which pests and weeds thrive, dramatically reducing and in some cases eliminating the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Our goal is to make organic farming readily achievable for every one of our growers.

Reducing Nitrogen Pollution
Our technology allows growers to substantially decrease the amount of nitrate fertilizers they use by feeding the fertilizer directly to the root zone, where it is completely utilized by the plant for yield enhancement, without the harmful side effects of excess fertilizer use. While nitrate fertilizers help to increase yields, far-reaching domino-effect consequences of conventional use include nitrogen runoff into streams and rivers, which creates algal blooms and oceanic dead zones, and escaped nitrous oxide into the atmosphere which is 298 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in its warming effect. We aim to reduce nitrogen use on farms all over the world without reducing yields.

Our highest mission is to help build a world where agriculture replenishes the earth and nourishes humans to the utmost potential of nature’s perfection. Deep Root technology works in harmony with the planet, helping to preserve water, its’ most precious resource, and aiding farmers in reducing inputs to achieve healthier soils, atmosphere and water systems… naturally.