4 Reasons Why You Should Try Deep Root Irrigation

Deep Root Irrigation’s targeted delivery makes water use profoundly more efficient, and therefore eliminates the 2 biggest problems of surface irrigation: penetration and thus, insufficient sub-surface soil moisture retention. DRI can be installed in less than a minute and promotes sustainable farming practices. It controls mineral buildup on emitters, increases resistance to drought and disease while saving 50% or more on water and other energy related costs.

1. Deep Root Irrigation offers more control.

Deep Root Irrigation (DRI) offers you more control over your growing experience than ever before. Because DRI targets the delivery of water and fertilizer directly to the root zone, you will use dramatically less water and fertilizer and proportionately less of the energy required to move the water. Typically, you will see at least a 50% savings in these resources, which represents an elimination of those related costs. Once DRI’s performance is demonstrated and proven to you, and the related cost savings become obvious, it will make sense for you to move forward with an adoption plan that will radically improve your irrigation efficiency and your bottom line.

We know this sounds to good to be true. That’s why we ask you to join us in a sample project in your orchard or vineyard so we can demonstrate and prove our claims as we have done with many other Growers.

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2. Our product is tested independently.

Deep Root Distribution encourages independent testing of DRI but we also recommend consulting with a DRD field Technician in order for your testing to be meaningful. Too often we’ve seen growers attempting to test DRI before understanding its mechanics, consequently making assumptions that are not pertinent to DRI which then result in frustration and faulty data. The mechanics of DRI are simple but very different from surface irrigation methods The primary difference in premise is the method of delivery. As you read on, you will begin to see how DRI’s direct, targeted delivery changes many aspects of how the average grower traditionally understands irrigation.

3. DRI offers more control with over-head cost of farming.

By reducing water use, many costs are automatically reduced by the same percentage, some costs are lessened considerably, and some costs are eliminated altogether. When DRI cuts your water use by 50% you will see that:
1. Your ENERGY cost of moving that water will be reduced by the same percentage.
2. Your FERTILIZER cost will be reduced by that same percentage, because parts per water remain the same.
3. Topical SOIL AMENDMENTS, used to improve ground absorption and PH the soil, become unnecessary because DRI delivers water, fertilizer and liquid forms of PH directly to the root zone. Many Growers are eliminating the 100 to 200 dollars per acre cost annually on topical soil amendments.
4. WEED ABATEMENT costs are eliminated because weeds are a by-product of surface watering.
5. FUNGUS ABATEMENT costs are reduced because in many cases fungus is being created by the humid conditions in orchards cause by excessive surface watering.
6. PEST ABATEMENT costs are reduced when weeds and standing water are dramatically reduced or eliminated.
7. The cost of CLOGGED EMITTERS is eliminated because DRI is a closed system, and thus eliminates the evaporation that causes mineralization.
8. The cost of WATER is very real to many Growers. Some are paying over 2,000 dollars per acre foot and using 3 to 4 acre feet of water annually.
For those Growers who purchase water, that’s where the cost saving begins. But often we give cost saving calculations to Growers who don’t pay for water, and they are usually surprised to discover how DRI dramatically reduces these other costs that are directly related to water use. Cumulatively, the costs of using water and the costs created by surface watering represent an enormous part of a Farmer’s budget.


4. DRI offers control over the adoption process.

At no extra cost to you, Deep Root Distribution (DRD) offers complete customer assistance through the entire DRI adoption process. For your confidence and peace of mind, a customer service Technician will be assigned to your account to provide a seamless, stress free experience from beginning to end. Initially, we ask you to enter a DRI project with us, wherein we train your field crews and operations managers on the proper installation and implementation of DRI. We work closely with your irrigation specialist using a simple “dial in” process to ensure the correct rate of flow and and irrigation cycles for your unique soil conditions. The customer service Tech will also be gathering and documenting data in order to demonstrate and prove DRI’s superior performance. The primary objective of our assistance through this initial adoption process is to build your knowledge and confidence in the product, and to remove any remaining questions, doubts or objections you may have about the product.