Deep Root Irrigation Devices

photo of the four DRI models
No flooding, no spraying, no dripping.

Our flagship product line, Deep Root Irrigation (DRI®), reduces water requirements and improves plant health by delivering water directly to the roots. Its patented new technology enables the units to be embedded below the root zone, then percolate water up to the roots. This encourages downward root growth to avoid the J-root and shallow root development that can result from surface watering systems. Not surprising, then, that the DRI-12 was among 2015’s Top 10 New Products during the year’s World Ag Expo.

In addition to water, DRI can be used to deliver liquid fertilizer directly to the roots, eliminating waste from surface runoff and displacement. You not only save on fertilizer costs, but also contribute to healthier waterways that otherwise might be polluted by the runoff.

Deep Root Distribution representative Alfredo de la Cruz demonstrates installation of a DRI-12 unit in a vineyard.

Deep Root Irrigation also delivers economic advantages. Units cost a fraction of the amount of other irrigation systems, hook up to your existing emitters, and can be installed in less than a minute per unit. The money you save from lower water, fertilizer, and energy costs—and the money you keep by improving plant health even in drought conditions—helps DRI to pay for itself.

Over four years of field testing and independent studies (see our Research page) consistently have confirmed Deep Root Irrigation’s water savings. The devices are made from sturdy materials that have been time-tested in the irrigation industry, and include up to 60% post-consumer recycled content.

Select the photo above to enlarge it for a better view of the four DRI models, and see their descriptions in the sidebar. Then call or email us for more information about Deep Root Irrigation, or if you would like to field-test it for yourself.

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The first model in the DRI line, DRI-12 has been extensively tested in drought-striken California. This unit is ideal for vines, trees, and large bushes.
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Modeled after the DRI-12, the DRI-18 is better suited for large Heritage type and landscape shade trees.
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The DRI-6 model works well for shrubs and bushes.
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The DRI-3 is the smallest unit modeled on the DRI-12. It can be used for potted plants and gardens.
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Deep Root Irrigation Diagram

diagram of a Deep Root Irrigation unit
Deep Root Irrigation’s patented technology saves water by delivering it directly to where it is needed. Read about the studies confirming DRI’s effectiveness on the Research page.