Deep root watering is a process that helps to grow plants by delivering water deep into the soil. This type of watering generally has very positive results, as it can provide moisture and nutrients to roots that would otherwise be deprived. However, there are some essential things you should keep in mind when doing this watering – from what types of plants benefit from deep-rooting to how often you need to do this for your plants. Below we will go over three things that every gardener should know about deep rooting their plants.

1. You Need to Water Trees and Shrubs Deeply to Help Them Thrive

Shrubs and trees, like any other plant, need water to grow and thrive. However, while most flowers and vegetables prefer to receive water on the surface of their soil (or even from overhead), this watering method often does not provide the ideal amount of moisture to these plants. To make sure bushes and shrubs get enough water, it is important to water deeply. You can do this by digging a hole or trench about 12 inches deep in the soil around your tree/shrub’s drip line, which is the area farthest from its trunk. After you have dug this hole, water it until it begins to drain out of the opening, but be sure not to over-water since the water should still be able to soak into the ground. This will ensure your tree or shrub receives enough water and nutrients for healthy growth and development, ultimately helping it thrive.

2. Deep Root Watering Does Not Work for All Plantsvegetable garden

While deep root watering is generally quite effective, it is not ideal for all plants. Some plants need to have their roots watered on the soil’s surface to grow properly. This includes flowers and vegetables, which have different rooting patterns than larger plants. Using a sprinkler or other surface-level watering method for these types of plants is much more appropriate than deep rooting them. You should research each plant in your garden to find out what kinds of watering methods it responds best to and if you cannot find this information, feel free to reach out to us.

3. Deep Root Watering Works Best When It Is Done Twice a Month

Many gardeners ask us how often they need to deep root water their plants, and the answer, as with most things in gardening, depends on what types of plants you’re dealing with. Generally speaking, we recommend that almost all plants (except those mentioned above) be deep-rooted twice a month, from mid-April to September. While this may seem like a lot of watering, it is important to remember that most plants need more water than they can get from rainfall alone, and since the root system of your garden is much larger than you might think (about 46%-56% of your soil is made up of roots, with about 80-90% being dirt/sand), your plants would actually benefit from getting this deep watering more often.

Deep-rooting is a great way to provide your garden with water and nutrients, but only if the proper things are done. It would be best to refer to each plant’s specific needs before choosing a watering method. This guide will help you get started. For more information on other types of irrigation systems for your flowers, vegetables, shrubs, or trees, contact us at Deep Root Distribution. We are committed to providing you with innovative irrigation solutions.